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Nova Farms | Chocolate OG | Live Resin Cart .5g
Nova Farms

Chocolate OG - Live Resin Cart .5g

Sticky Fish is here & doing it LIVE! These premium Live Resin carts are made by flash freezing fresh flower & state-of-the-art BHO extraction. This helps retain an incredible amount of terpenes that would usually be lost, making these insanely flavorful, aromatic and a highly sought after potent concentrate.

Chocolate OG by is another chocolatey genetic cross from THClones. This strain was created through the union of pungent parent strains True OG and Chocolate Rain. Its indica-dominant genetics offer relaxing qualities that get heavier with continued consumption. Giggly euphoria and bright citrus/grapefruit aromas speak to traditional OG attributes inherited from True OG. The taste takes on a cheesy, nutty flavor upon combustion, leaving a savory note on the palate.


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