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Berkshire Roots | Sativa Full Spectrum Dablicator | 1g
Berkshire Roots

Sativa Full Spectrum Dablicator - 1g

The Dablicator is a popular California apparatus we brought to the East Coast that allows for a unique, discreet, and cleaner way to dose your concentrates.

The applicator has a metal tip that allows for direct dabbing, a measured dosing mechanism, that clicks to show you how much you are dispensing, and an overall easier, cleaner way to use concentrates.

Dress up a pre-roll with a snake of oil, dab direct to your rig, or keep in the kitchen for infused creations. Ask an associate for PRO tips and more information about this new BR product. Easier, cleaner, and more discreet

Sativa FS Dablicator

Category: Applicator

Strain: Orange Chemeleon with Tangie Terpenes

Classification: Sativa

Breeder: Mycotek

Lineage: Tangie (H) X Thank You Jerry (H)

Aromas | Flavors: Dominant tangerine scents with a citrusy taste followed up with some of the most gassy/ fuelly flavors we have on the menu.

Reported Effects: Users note having a major boost in energy and overall mood uplift.

Extraction Method: EHO

Pro Tip: Use the lowest temperature to preserve terpenes and cannbinoids when dabbing for the best experience.

Dosing Instructions

Consumption Method: Inhalation

Starting Dose: 1 Puff | 1ml measured dose in dablicator


What are Cannabinoids?

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